CBBR believes that adoption is a very serious undertaking that should not be considered lightly. We spend a lot of time, energy and money on the dogs that come into CBBR and we love them like our own. We strive to match them to the perfect home and also to match you with the perfect dog for your lifestyle.

Understand that adoption should not be based on looks and you should take time to really decide what your ideal dog's personality should be and what you feel you can handle. Our volunteers are available to discuss your individual situations so we can offer suggestions to a dog that may be a good match.


As a foster home based rescue, we can only save as many dogs as we have foster homes. We are always in need of committed foster homes in the Chicagoland area and try to match the foster dog to your home and lifestyle.

We provide everything your foster needs - food, vetting, training and necessary supplies. You need to supply love, patience and understanding, and be their biggest advocate! Our most successful adoptions are from friends of our foster homes.  

Fostering isn’t a lifetime commitment but can be long term. Most of the dogs that find homes the quickest are ones who come out to events, have attended training classes, have a strong social media presence and who have constantly updated pictures and bios. We encourage our foster parents to promote their foster dog because you know them best! Be their advocate!

If you are serious about fostering, fill out an application. If you have more questions about fostering, email